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The Discipleship Groups Ministry builds a relational small group culture within the Word of Faith family. This ministry engages members of the congregation through food, fun, sermon-based discussions, and fellowship in a safe and welcoming environment. Committed small group leaders guide group members in a dive below the surface and into the hearts of individuals through authentic community, love, and spiritual growth.

Other benefits of Discipleship Groups (DG) include:

  • COMMUNITY BUILDING – DG make a big church seem small
  • SHARING – DG provide a place for like-minded Christians to exchange ideas
  • ACCOUNTABILITY – DG provide intentional partnership and support for the Christian walk
  • AUTHENTICITY – DG provide a “judgment-free” safe place for transparent expression
  • PRAYER COVERING – DG pray for and with one another

The 2020 Congregational Discipleship Groups will begin registration in January.

If you were not in a D. Group before you can download the “First Steps” information session schedule above and plan to attend. If you have participated in a D. Group you can also download the 2020 D. Group list and email your group choice to [email protected]

We are now accepting applications for new Discipleship Group Leader Training. Please click the application link below. We will get back to you with more information and details about Discipleship Group Leader Training at Word of Faith.

:: Discipleship Group Leader Application

For More Information, contact:

James Whitely, M.Div.
Pastor of Discipleship Groups
770.874.8400 x 1056
[email protected]

Life Is Better Connected…

::Discipleship Group Leader Training (Leader training videos are password protected. Contact [email protected] for password.)

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